Published 30/10/2017

Esra Røise


The book Skamløs (Shameless), just released in October has already gotten amazing reviews. Esra Røise has illustrated this groundbreaking and important book, raising the issues on racism and female oppression, telling the stories of young muslim women and the uprising against the ideal of the obedient minority girl. Hannah Helseth reviews the book in Klassekampen: “This is the first book published by a Norwegian publishing house that raises the importance of multi-cultural feminism. The authors caters to girls in a similar situation as themselves, for those who want to read about wearing - and taking off the hijab, and for those who have experienced racism and are faced to challenge their parents morals. The authors take the stand and describes Norwegian youth and life anno 2017 brilliantly.”

The authors behind the book, Nancy Herz, Sofia Srour og Amina Bile, started an online movement called The shameless girls, who collected stories from girls and women around the country that has experienced first hand how negative social and public controlling has limited, corrected and humiliated them. The girls has openly shared their experiences and their path towards shamelessness and how they will not be silenced and subjugated no more. The authors recieved Fritt Ords Honnør-award for their efforts promoting these womens stories.

Skamløs has gotten raving reviews and we are very proud to be a part of this project. Congratulations to you all!

Book layout and design by Mimmi Christensen at Metric Design

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