Published 24/4/2017

Magnus Voll Mathiassen
Design House

Norwegian icon gets a makeover

Since 1863, Norway’s biggest dairy brand, Tine, has produced one of Norways most iconic products, the brown cheese. When it was time for a makeover, Design House, along with our illustrator, Magnus Voll Mathiassen, created a fresh and updated look, inspired by embroideries from the traditional Norwegian costume, the bunad. 

– Inspired by the bunad and the silver jewellery, the traditional roots has been well kept in place. Its natural and organic shapes has formed the new patterns of the series, along with a spectre of colors that makes the variations stand out from each other. Our national costume and its silver, is unique and filled with tradition and quality. They are a solid and carefully crafted icon, where local heritage and belonging still stands proud in the Norwegian spirit. A great way to communicate TINE’s brown cheese, says Per Magne Lund from Design House.

– With this new identity we now have a strong and gathered design platform for the range. The brown cheese now stands as a more modern, confident and up to do date-product, and at the same time the traditional aspect has been respected, says Tone Blandhoel, project manager at Tine. 

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