Published 19/12/2018

Julie Wilkinson / Makerie Studio

New talent: Julie Wilkinson / Makerie Studio

We are delighted to welcome Julie Wilkinson from Makerie studio as a part of our team! Julie is originally from Italy, and moved to Oslo from New York early this fall, she came by our office showing her amazing portfolio, and we fell in love at first sight! Makerie Studio is a creative collaboration between Julie Wilkinson and Joy Horscroft, producing unique three dimensional paper sculptures for advertising, events, window displays and editorials.

Inspired by forgotten worlds, rare prints and the beauty of details, Makerie Studio create distinctive showpieces using uniquely developed techniques, specialising in paper engineering and 3D design.

This award-winning duo have spent the last eight years working in Milan, London and New York, and Julie is thrilled to be starting their new chapter in Oslo.


Event Design

Makerie Studio have created showpieces and sets for an extensive range of events and exhibitions, from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to Amnesty International galas and from Vogue Italia award nights to presidential dinners in Baku. They work with a team of trusted assistants and selected suppliers to create the showpieces for these events, often transporting pieces hundreds of kilometres and assembling them in situ.


Window Display Design

Two meter high floating bags, three meter wide birds and oversized mechanical ballerinas are among a few of the installations Makerie Studio have done for stores such as Harrods, Printemps Paris, and Gucci Worldwide. The Studio collaborates with retail brands to find the most efficient and cost-effective ways of creating stunning visual displays, maintaining artistry and the utmost care in every piece they make.



Working with talented photographers and galleries, Makerie Studio continue to art direct and create personal pieces that truly reflect their aesthetic values. These pieces have appeared in a number of art shows and been featured on countless industry-leading websites, including, DesignBoom and Fubiz.



Brands such as Nike, La Mer, Uniqlo and Tiffany’s have all collaborated with Julie and Joy to design and create their campaigns. Many of these campaigns have been published globally, proving them to be far reaching as well as exciting to produce. The Studio is accustomed to working to tight deadlines, being able to build eye-catching pieces in a matter of days. Their expertise on photo shoots has created lasting relationships with some of the world’s most respected commercial and artistic photographers.


Fashion Editorials

Creating pieces for world-renowned photographers such as Ryan McGinley, Albert Watson, Lacey, Camilla Akrans and Lucia Giacani has inspired some of Makerie Studio’s most varied work, from oversized geometric hearts to tiny dials on imagined mechanical inventions.

Still Life Editorials

Many editorial still life shots involve extremely intricate work, which reflects the intricacy of the products themselves. Some of Makerie Studio’s most detailed work includes tiny 3D hummingbirds just one centimeter tall, minute paper flowers and immaculately cut logos for iconic fashion items. Makerie art direct and style sets as well as constructing them from scratch; by doing this they can explore themes and textures that are not confined to paper, and work with innovative production technologies that push their work forward.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to work with this paperwizard, for more work see Julie Wilkinson / Makerie Studio portfolio.