Published 9/4/2018

Bendik Kaltenborn
Olssøn Barbieri

Hellstrøm Sommer by Bendik Kaltenborn

Hellstrøm Sommer, the latest aquavit developed by the famous Norwegian Chef Eivind Hellstrøm and Moestue Grape Selections, is by far the most beautiful bootle we´ve ever seen.   

It´s not an unknown fact that everything the design studio OlssønBarbieri touches turns into gold, and this is definitely not an exception. The aquavit is a tribute to mid-summer. It is said that the custom with bonfires originates from pagan times. This night is the shortest of the year and is enveloped in superstition, mystery and predictions about everything from love to meteorology. Bendik Kaltenborn was challenged to create an artwork based on the mid-summer theme and related stories. The now screen printed illustration embracing the beautiful green-colored bottle, is a delight for both the eyes, mouth and soul. Curious where to find the product? Try Vinmonopolet´s special selection online.