Published 30/5/2018

Uglylogo/Frode Skaren

byOne exhibition: True love never melts / Uglylogo

Photo by: Sunniva Rognmo Thakre

Uglylogo aka Frode Skaren regards himself as a «creator of things". Thursday 31st of May he's having an exhibition at the byHands studio: "True love never melts".

Frode is part of the byHands illustration agency and runs his one-man studio from an old barn in southern Norway, more specifically Kvinesdal. He's an illustrator and graphic designer and has worked with clients like D2, Vinmonopolet (Norway’s wine monopoly), Illegal Burger, Diplom Is, Businessweek and his local baker, to name a few. Frode has won several awards for his illustrations, at home and abroad, and he is part of “Team Session” - even though he don't have a clue about skateboarding.

And now he is having an exhibition with the theme ice-cream.

Why an exhibition about ice cream?

I grew up in a fast-food joint that my parents ran for 35 years and I served ice cream to patiently waiting customers in long lines every summer since I was 10-11 years old. I practiced to make the perfect ice cream. So that's one of the reasons why the ice cream shape is so appealing to me. In addition, it's a relatively simple motive to draw when you can never really make mistakes; Ice creams exist in all kinds of shapes. Unknowingly, they have sneaked into all kinds of projects, after 10 years as an illustrator it has now become quite a few. 

What is your favourite ice cream project?

I'll say “Wanted” for Diplom Is (Norwegian ice cream brand), an ice cream series with six ice cream characters that are all in the same crew. They're like a small mobster family. A dream project for someone who loves to draw ice cream, and it's also cool that the ice cream tastes so good!

 What will you exhibit the 31st May?

I showcase all projects that have ice cream involved in one way or another. I show projects that were not realized, sketches and processes, silkscreen and letterpress prints, risographs and original drawings. Much of this is for sale. I’m also launching a new print, made specifically for this exhibition.

Do you have any exciting plans in the future?

I'm fortunate enough to say that there are always exciting projects in the air. I would like to make more of my own prints and drawings in the future. In fact, I think the best thing being an illustrator is the varied projects, big and small, simple and comprehensive. It's often a mix of everything, and I love it. I try to say yes to as much as I can. I´m a yes man! 

byOne is an an exhibition series with one and one of the byHands-illustrators. It's up to the illustrator to do what ever he or she wants, except the only requirement: one night, and one night only. Come and join us Thursday 31st May from 18.00 to 22.00 in Oslo (Rathkes gate 4 at Grünerløkka). 

And yes, there will be ice-cream!