Published 27/2/2017

Uglylogo/Frode Skaren

Balholm Epledram

Olsson Barbieri has been busy designing this amazing piece of packaging design for Balhom’s apple liqueur. We’ve contributed with the illustrations, neatly drawn by Frode Skaren. Great work you guys! We tested the contents too, and its as good as its wrapping. Thanks to Henrik and Erika for sharing their images with us.

“Balholm 6666 Epledram celebrates the rich heritage and tradition of fruit growing in the Sognefjord in Norway. The label illustrations depicts the story of the biggest orchard of the Nordics, counting 6666 trees, planted by land owner and gardener Henrik Formann in 1833.” 

Design and Art Direction: Olssøn Barbieri Custom typography: Stefan Ellmer Photo by Sigve Aspelund (Tinagent)

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