Børge Bredenbekk


After completing a BA (Hons) at the Kent Institute of Art & Design in England in 1997, Børge worked at an ad agency in Stavanger. He then moved to Velvet GMBH (Switzerland/New York) where he worked with concept, art direction and design for both local and international clients, including; Stimorol, Flims Laax & Santa Cruz Snowboards, Völkl Skis and Paiste Cymbals. Since 2007 he has been freelancing in Oslo combining drawing and design experience to make a living off illustration at Brenneriveien.


Cicero / Tine / DNB / SAS / Pinell / Veas / Ruter / Krogh Optik / Lyse / D2 / Middelalderfestivalen / Hovefestivalen / Litteraturfestivalen / Veas / Cicereo / Gyldendal / Millum / A-media / Skretting / NSB / Lerchendalkonferansen / Meny / Rørosmeieriet, among others.


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