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Peter-John de Villiers


Peter-John de Villiers is an artist born in South Africa, now living in the Norwegian countryside.

His iconic style has become an integrated part of the international art scene having worked extensively with musicians, the snowboard and skate industry, lifestyle brands, packaging, and advertising.  His paintings, etchings, drawings and prints are exhibited internationally throughout the year, His work has hung in New York City, London, San Fransisco, Mexico City, Gold Coast, Australia, Oslo, Norway, Burlington, Vermont and more.


DNT / Kråkeseølv / Volkswagen / Norsk luftambulanse / Ylajali / Granta / Vans / Grans / Frydelund / Ringnes / Sparebank 1 / Vectura / P4 / Rema 1000 / Epleslang / Mercedes-Benz / Vinmonopolet among others.


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