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Bendik Kaltenborn


Bendik Kaltenborn is a Norwegian illustrator living in Oslo. He has a BA in Visual Communication from The National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, and a MA in Graphic Design and Illustration from Konstfack University College of Arts, Stockholm. After returning to Oslo in 2008 he has already won several prizes for his illustrations. Bendik is also a cartoonist, and is co-founder and part of the Norwegian comic collective Dongery. His latest comic book was published in 2009 "Serier som vil deg vel" and won several prizes, including the Ministry of Cultures "Tegneserieprisen". Lately he has participated in several exhibitions, both in Norway and internationally.


The New York Times / The Washington Post / Le Monde Diplomatique / Google / Oslo Airport Gardermoen / Departures (American Express) / Aftenposten K / Toyota / Det Andre Teatret / Smalltown Supersound / Todd Terje / Fuglen / Norwegian Psychological Association, and many more.


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