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Anette Moi


Anette Moi  is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Stavanger, Norway. Anette has been drawing since she was little and has been working fulltime as a freelancer and artist since March 2013. Her illustrations are bold, colorful and fun. She is inspired by people, music, internet, movies, tv series, street photography, observations in daily life and animals. Anette has two Bachelor Degrees, one in Social Work and the other in Graphic Design from NKF in Norway and London Metropolitan University.


Livsgledefestivalen / AMFI / Harvest / Dagens Næringsliv / Stavanger Kommune / Oslo Kommune / Pizzabakeren / Fritt Ord / ABC Startsiden / Natt&Dag / Norsk Vegansamfunn / Vice Magazine / Lervig Aktiebryggeri / VG Helg / Aftenposten Innsikt / Dagens Næringsliv / Tou Scene / Tommy Tee / Stavanger Sentrum, among others.


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